Flag P.R.China On chartering
Classification CCS ★CSAD
Built Year November 2010
Built place: China
Length Overall 57.6m
Length b.p 49.4m
Breadth Moulded 12m
Depth Moulded 5m
Loaded draft 4.2m
Load displacement 1868t
Lightship displacement 800t
GRT 971t
NRT 291t
Maximum speed 12kn
Bollard pull: 50t
Endurance 3000n mile
Main Engine 2×1471kW 600r/m
Propellers 2 sets
Bow Thrusters
1×120Kw 2×2T
12 * 30 meters after deck
The ship is designed for offshore area B-supply / tug job.
With external supplies of fuel, fresh water
With the provision of external fire fighting, deck cargo and towing.
The ship is all-welded structural steel, diesel engine driven, equipped with twin steering unit,
twin engines, twin screws.

On chartering.

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