Built place: China
Flag China
Length O.A. overall (Mld hull) : 59.20m
Length W.L.: 55.729 m
Breadth moulded: 14.95m
Depth moulded: 6.10m
Draft moulded (design): 5.00m
Max. Draft: 5.185m
Tween deck heights at centerline
Main deck: 2.70m
Forecastle deck: 2.80m
Deckhouse: 2.80m
Wheelhouse: 3.00m
Clear Cargo Deck aft: 330m2
Deck Cargo approx.: 850 t (at max. draft of 5.0m)
At Designed draft of 5.0m, deadweight approx. is about 1,742.4 tons.
The vessel is also to demonstrate bollard pull of 80.3 Tonnes with main engines developing 100%
rated MCR. The bollard pull shall be measured by a certified dynamometer. During bollard trials,
depth of water should not be less than three times the draft of the vessel and length of towrope not less
than two times the length of the vessel. Trials shall be carried out in wind conditions not exceeding
Beaufort 3.
Main engines to be two (2) GN8320-2B/3B medium speed four stroke marine diesels each
developing an MCR of 2500KWX600mrp. giving a total of about 5000KW Continuous power.
Standby pumps are to be provided in accordance with Rules and Regulations.
All coolers installations are to be in accordance with engine manufacturer recommendation.
Three (2) CUMMINS marine diesel generating sets, heat exchanger cooled, each rated
approx 400 KW, 400V, 3 Phase, 50 Hz.. The two units are to be able to operate in parallel.
Under construction

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