1000 HP Tugboat
Brand new.
This specification describes the requirements for the building of a tug boat
intended for freshwater to ocean towage (stern towage only).This ship is required
to CCS、the national flag of Singapore.The hull structure is transverse framing
syetem, main structure,stability and material are settled for CCS “Regulations for
the Classification of Sea-going Steel Ships”(2006), “Amendments”(2008),
“ Mandatory Surveying rules for Sea-going Ships of International Navigation ”
(2008) , and “ Statute Trader ”of Singapore.
Total length LOA 23.10m
Length between perpendicular LPP 20.60m
Breath(mld) B 7.80m
Depth(mld) D 3.70m
Draft d 2.80m
Camber f 0.15m
Frame Space s 0.55m
Main Engine KAT19-M 2 sets
Power Rating 365KW×2
Speed Rating 1800rpm
Gear Case GWC28.30(4.0526:1)
2.Diesel Engine and Machine Generator CCFJ50J-WJ, 2 sets
Diesel Engine D226B-4CD、66kw 2、1500rpm
Machine Generator、50kw 2、400V 50HZ.
3.Propeller Diameter 1200MM
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