3600 HP Tugboat

3600 HP Tugboat
Brand new and ready.
Class: BKI
Design navigation area: greater coastal
LOA Length O.A. 36.10 m
LWL Water line 34.95 m
Lpp Length B.P. 32.75 m
B Breadth Mld. 10.60 m
D Depth 4.90 m
d Design draft 4.00 m
DWT   497.20Mt @4.00m
Gross tonnage 491

Main engine G6300ZC18B/G6300ZC19B one set per each, 1323kW X 550r/min
Constant pitch propeller
Bollard Pull            47.30 Tonnes at 100%MCR
Propellers              CPP (Berg/RRM (China)

Fresh water tank(P) 71.4 m3
Fresh water tank(S) 71.4 m3
NO.1 diesel oil tank (P/S) 58.2 X 2=116.4 m3
NO.2 diesel oil tank (P/S) 28.4 X 2=56.8 m3
NO.3 diesel oil tank (P/S) 37.3 X 2=74.6 m3
NO.4 diesel oil tank (P/S) 50.6 X 2=101.2 m3
diesel oil daily tank (P/S) 5.1 X 2=10.2 m3
L.O. TK  6.9 m3
L.O. CIRCULATION TK (P/S) 1.7 X 2=3.4 m3
DIRTY L.O. TK 5.2 m3
F.W.B.TK(P) 45.9 m3
F.W.B.TK (P) 45.9 m3
S.W.B.TK(P) 13.9 m3
S.W.B.TK(P) 13.9 m3

Max Speed            11.5Knots
Economic Speed    9.0 Knots
Generators            3 x 83 KW/50Hz
Endurance: 450h, and self-supportability: 30days.

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