4000hp ocean going tug
The vessel is welded steel construction with twin deisel engine, propeller. The vessel is to be of double hard chinned type.
The vessel is constructed and fully equipped in accordance to BV class requirement.
Trade area: Unrestricted area
Built year: 2018
Length O.A.: 36.10 m
Length W.L.: 35.00 m
Length B.P.: 32.45 m
Breadth MLD.: 10.2 m
Depth MLD.: 4.70 m
Design draft: 3.70 m
Complement: 10 P
Fuel oil tank: 122 m3
Fresh water tank: 26.6 m3
Ballast (S.W) tank: 116.4 m3
Main engine: 2 * LB8250ZLC-7, each 2000bhp/750rpm. Zibo diesel engine.
Gearbox: 2.5 : 1 ratio, Hangzhou advance.
The propeller shaft is forged with stainless steel 316L.
Generator set: 2 * 75kw, Weichai power.
Propeller: MAU, 4 blades, manganese bronze, diameter 2.4 m
Free running speed: ≥12kn @90% MCR
Gross tonnage: 398
Cruise ability and Endurance: 2000 n.miles, 15 days.
The communication equipment, navigation equipment, main machinery and fire fighting equipment is in accordance to BV class.
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