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Class: CCS
Length Overall         98.0m
LBP                    89.8M
Breadth                18.0m
Depth to first deck    6.00m
      to platform deck 8.50m
      to second deck   11.0m
Design Draft           4.00m
Over load draft        4.20m
Camber                 0.15m
Station Space          4.49m
Frame Space            0.6m
Main Engine Power      2 * 2426KW
Cruising Endurance     24h
Trial Speed about      15kn (T=4.0m)
GT about               6500
NT about               3500
Passenger              360p/228P
    First Class        16p
    Second Class       32p
    Third Class        48p
          seat         264/bed 132p
Crew                   30p
Net Height between the Deck:
First to Second                 4.2m
Second to Passenger Deck        3.0m
Passenger Deck to Driving Deck  2.1m
Driving Deck to Navigation Deck 2.1m
First Deck
            11300 * 2600 13 Vehicles
            9000 * 2700  14 Vehicles
            4700 * 1700  10 Vehicles
Second Deck
            6200 * 2100  33 Vehicles
            4700 * 1700  9 Vehicles

Delivery: End 2018.

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