3600 HP Harbor Tugboat
Type of vessel: Harbor Tugboat
Date of emplacing keel March, 05 2011
Date of construction October 28 2011
LOA 36.20 m
Length 31.50 m
Length of waterline 35.00 m
Breadth 9.80 m
Depth 4.40 m
Light draught 2.985 m
Full-load draught 3.200 m
Full-load displacement 524.526 t
Light displacement 460.098 t
Navigation area: off shore
Business area: A
Hull material steel
Deck material steel
Bollard pull: 35 tons
No. of transverse compartment’s bulkhead 6
Type of structure: framework in transverse
Additional strengthen deck material: Steel
Location of strengthen deck Main deck
Location of taking in water: Door sills of accommodation deck house
Main engine: DK28, 2 sets, each 1325kw, 750rpm, Shanxi Diesel engine
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