208TEU Dutch Barge
Kind of vessel:Container River Dry Cargo Vessel
Classification: Bureau Veritas (BV)
Brand new and ready for sale, built in China joint venture with Singapore shipyard
Length o.a. (max.) 110.00 m.
Breadth o.a. (max.) 11.45 m.
Breadth MLD 11.40 m.
Depth 3.65 m.
Draught 3.55 m.
Cargo Hold Capacity ~3500 m3
Container Capacity: 208 TEU
According the drawings. The ballast tanks at the cargo part is divided on both sides
according the drawings. Container supports are mounted according the drawings.
Removable beam is installed according the drawings.
Foundation of the main engine has been completed.
The prior buyer from Holland who placed the order failed to pay and quit.
Three units barges are now ready packaged for sale.
The new buyer can use them as dumb barge or install machinery after delivery. 
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