Class: ABS
Built in: 2016
The vessel is designed and equipped for assisting large seagoing vessels in harbours
and coastal waters, and is also fitted out for offshore towage and fire fighting
Principal Dimensions:
Length Over All 32.72 m
Length Between Perpendiculars 31.85 m
Breadth Over All 12.82 m
Breadth Moulded 12.00 m
Depth Moulded 5.20 m
Operational Draught 5.00 m
Maximum Draught from baseline 4.30 m
Gross Tonnage 498 GT

Main engine: 2 sets, NIIGATA, 6L28HK, each 1654KW@750rmp
Rudder and gearbox: NIIGATA ZP-31B
Generator: Cummins QSM111 240KW/50HZ
Pump set: KSB ITUR
Navigation and communication equipment: FURUNO
FiFi1: 2x1200m3/ h
Speed: 12kn
A continuous Bollard Pull of approximately 62 Tonnes will be achieved with the main
engines developing 100% MCR.
Accommodation: 12P
Stores, fuel and other consumables should be enough to allow for 10 days endurance
at a speed of 10 knots in free sailing condition.

Tank and Cargo Capacities:
Fuel Oil approx. 220 m3
Fresh Water approx. 50 m3
Fresh Water Ballast approx. 41 m3
Grey Water approx. 8.5 m3
Black Water approx. 8.5m3
Foam approx. 9.0 m3
Detergent approx. 10.0 m3
Fuel Oil Overflow approx. 7.0 m3
Lube Oil approx. 2.5 m3
Dirty Oil approx. 3.5 m3
Oily Water approx. 3.5 m3

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