6600HP OSV

6600HP multi-purpose tug design specification
Built time: 2011,China
Class: CCS (IACS member)
Ice Strengthening ICE CLASS B

I, Vessel type: 6600HP multi-purpose tug, the ship was a three-purpose working ship,specially designed for sea petroleum working.Supplying various kinds of goods (General cargo, Container) and material (including fresh water, fuel oil, bulk material) for offshore petro platform.Towing work of offshore petro platform and large barge.

II, Navigation areas, navigational speed: unlimited navigation areas, navigational speed 13.5KN, endurance distance 3000 nautical miles.

III, Classification notation: ★CSA,★CSM,Offshore Tug/Supply Ship,Ice Class B.

IV, Principal particular:
Length overall: 68.00M
Length between perpendiculars: 59.50M
Breadth moulded: 14.80M
Depth moulded: 6.80M
Designed draft: 5.60M
Scantling draft: 5.78M
Deadweight at designed draft: 1940t
Main deck loading area: 320m2
Main deck loading: 5t/m2
Main deck loading weight: 500t
Cementing tank(Bulk cargo) capacity: 32×4=160m3

V, Main machinery:
1. Main engine (8320ZCD-8)3300 2 sets with gear boxes, NOx
2. Generating set output 450KW×3, speed 1500r/min, Chongqing Cummins, KTA38-D(M), NOx
3. Generating set output 88KW×1, speed ≤1500rpm
4. Hydraulic steering gear: 2 sets
5. Hydraulic anchor windlass: 86KN
6. Hydraulic winch: 100KN×2
Hydraulic capstan: 75KN×2
7. Towing winch: 800KN/650KN
8. Crane: 3T
9. Pumps in engine room (equipped as per rules of classification)
10. Marine fuel oil-exhaust gas combined boiler: 1 set
11. Bow thruster(60KN), Bow thruster(46KN), Stern thruster(46KN)
12. Propeller: Controllable Pitch Propeller, China Transmission - NGC Group

VI, Radio communication, Navigation equipment, Signal equipment (equipped as per rules
of classification)

VII, Fire fighting & Lifesaving equipment: 1500cu.m/hr, 1800rpm, 2 sets
External fire pump high speed diesel engine: Chongqing Cummins, KTA38-D(M)NOx, 768kW, 1800rpm, 1 set
Fire water monitor: 1200m3/h, 1 set
Fire/foam water monitor: 1200m3/h~300m3/h, 1 set

VIII, Anchors, mooring equipment: equipped as per rules of classification

IX, Other outfitting: equipped as per designed actual ship

X, Living zones:
Complement: 30 men, with one or two guest cabins
Cabin: arranged as per designed actual ship
With air conditioning, televisions

On chartering.

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