2800 DWT LCT
229 FT 2800 DWT LCT Type Self-propelled Barge
Type of the vessel Deck Cargo Barge
Date of keel laid July 08, 2013
Finished date January 10, 2014
overall length  69.80 m
length   65.72  m
length of load waterline 67.72 m
breadth   16.20 m
depth moulded  3.80 m
light load draft  1.552  m
full load draft 2.800 m
navigation area coastal waters
operating sea area A1+A2
No. of watertight horizontal bulkheads  9
Main engine: Z6170ZLCZ-1A, each 218.00kw, 1000rpm, 2 sets, Zibo diesel engine
Main deck thickness: 18mm
Ramp dimension: 11m (length) * 5m (width)
S S: Dec 30, 2019
DD: Dec 30, 2019
GRT: 1247
NRT: 698
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