1000 DWT Cargo Ship
1000 DWT Cargo Ship
Type of the vessel General Dry Cargo Ship
Date of keel laid 26 AUG 2004    Completed date 29 NOV 2004
Overall length  52.80   m      Length   48.00  m         Length of load waterline  49.98 m
Breadth   8.80 m        Depth moulded  4.15 m      Light load draft  1.086 m  
Full load draft 3.450 m   Full load displacement 1241.300 t  Light load displacement 242.000 t
Navigation area  Coastal  Business trading area  A1+A2  Material of hull Steel     
Material of deck Steel    
No. of watertight horizontal bulkheads  6 
Structure type transverse frame
No. of cargo holds  2  
Referent cargo capacity 970 t
Place of water entrance angle Doorsill of deck house
No. of outfitting  245           No. of anchors  2           No. of windlasses   1 
Main engine: Z6170ZLCZ-1, 218.00kw, 1000rmp, 01 OCT 2004, Zibo diesel engine
Gross tonnage              499       
Net tonnage                 279
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