12236 HP AHTSV

Year Built 2016
Ship type AHTS
Flag China
Classification CCS
Entry sign and additon mark
fighting ship1:IceClass B

LOA 77.0m
B.Mld 18.0m
D.Mld 7.5m
Full-load draft 6.2m
Light draft 3.7m
Gross tonnage 2992.0
Net tonnage 1675.0
Deadweight 3098.50t
Main engines 2×MAN B&W 9L32/40
Main engies power 2×4500 KW,Total 9000 KW
Propeller 2×4 blades C.P.P
Generator sets 2×800 KW 2×1600 KW

Maximum speed 15Knots
Economic speed 12Knots
Deck capacities L55m×W14.5m,800sq.m
Deck cargo capacities 730t
Crew 17 Bunks
Passenger 12 Bunks

Bow thuster 2×660 KW=1320 KW
Stern thuster 1×660 KW=660 KW
Bollard pull 1555 KN
Deck crane 2t—10 m

External fire With Water Spraying Systcm:
Lenght of Throw≮120m
Height of Throw≮45m

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