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About Us

China Zhouyang Marine Group is a world leading provider of Integrated Marine Industry Services, bringing our connections and experience to an international customer base. Our services and expertise help ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of global cooperation.
China Zhouyang Marine Group is the leading supplier for offshore vessels and barges within the Asian region. We have offices and contacts all around China to offer every costumer the best available service. We have many years of experience and have supplied a large quantity of vessels all around the world.
Our strategy is to continue with the expansion of our core shipbuilding and investment activities, building on our many years of expertise to develop a portfolio of innovative ship products, machinery for ports as well as technical and logistical services for delivery of vessels to our customers.
With this said, we are building on our unique marine heritage. We aim to develop a portfolio of businesses that will lead the market in delivering innovative Marine Industry Services to global customers.
Unrivalled knowledge and understanding of all marine markets puts us at the leading edge of developing innovative financial instruments and risk management solutions for customers worldwide.
From our global network of offices in the key strategic marine centers around the world, we provide our customers with local knowledge combined with global expertise and reach.
We pride ourselves on facilitating business across global marine routes. We are mainly experienced in the building and investing of OSV (Offshore Support Vessels) including; AHTS, PSV, Stand-by Ship, Traffic Ship, and Barges, including but not limited to, LCT Type Self Propelled Barge, Dumb Deck Cargo Barge, Flat Top Barge, and other types of Vessels for cargo, including dry cargo, oil and raw materials, specialty chemicals, liquefied natural gas and containers.
We also leverage marine expertise to assist ship owners worldwide at all stages of a vessels lifecycle, from new build to demolition, port agency to technical services.
No project is too small or too large for us and our answer will always be... it can be done and we are up to any challenge!
We’re market leaders in a highly competitive worldwide business. In China Zhouyang Marine Group today, we offer our customers a highly professional platform of global marine solutions, aligned to the stability of services which we share with PLA (People's Liberation Army) Navy Shipyard. We are committed to provide a complete range of Marine Industry Services for both on the spot or long term projects. With fully staffed locations in Weihai Shandong and Fu'an Ningde Fujian, China, we have one of the world’s largest marine teams, providing qualified vessels needed for maritime jobs.
Our dry cargo vessels are focused on iron ore, coal, grain and other major bulk commodities.
We are also a major force in the supplying of second hand ships and marine consulting services.
The sales and purchase department is active in new building contracting as well as the resale of second-hand vessels and demolition.
The offshore section handles the overseas sales & purchase and local chartering of specialist support vessels for oil and gas exploration, telecommunications and niche markets, such as marine diamond mining. An enviable in-house team supports customers with information, market analysis and acclaimed consulting services.
In all, China Zhouyang Marine Group’s portfolio, its international network and contacts, coupled with our extensive marine knowledge and depth of market analysis gives us unrivalled international coverage and continuity, which puts us in an enviable position worldwide.

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China ZhouYang Marine Group

Telephone:+86 138 6900 1823

Telephone:+86 631 529 1823

Address:No.202, Shichang Avenue, Torch Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Huancui District, Weihai City, Shandong Province, 264209, China.