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Oil Tanker

3200t used tanker

3200Tons Oil Tanker
Double hull, double bottom
Year constructed: 2007
Length over all: 88.02m
Length: 79.98m
Beam: 13.50m
Lbp: 79.98m
Lwl: 82.75m
Depth: 6.00m
Light draft: 3.320m
Laden draft: 5.300m
Displacement: 4561.200t
Reference cargo capacity: 3145t
Navigation area: Great Coastal Waters
Location of double bottom: Fr.7-Fr.120
Cargo holds: 8
GT/NT: 1993/1116t
Main Engine: Ningdong G6300ZCA, 735kw on paper to save cost of chief engineer with lower engine power, 500rpm
Actual ME power: 1800hp
Auxiliary engine: 184kw*2sets, 96.5kw*1set
Generator: 160kw*2sets, 75kw*1set
Fuel heating boiler: 136m2
Exhaust gas boiler: 36m2
Life boat: 23ppl * 2
Has one hydraulic vitta crane on board
Next Special Survey: January 28, 2022

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