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Deck Cargo Barges

295 FT 4000 DWT LCT Type Self-propelled Barge

295 FT 4000 DWT LCT Self-propelled Barge
Type of vessel: Deck cargo barge
Built in: August, 2009
LOA actual: 92 m
LOA on cert 89.80 m
Breadth 18.00 m
Depth 4.50 m
Full-load draught 2.70 m
Reference cargo capacity: 2146t @draft 2.7 m
Max loading capacity: 4000 t @draft 4 m
Navigation area: Coastal waters
Operating area: A1+A2
No. of transverse compartment's bulkhead 9
Location of double bottom Fr24 – Fr124
Type of structure: framework in longitudinal and transverse
Main engine: Z8170ZLC-30, 816HP*2 sets, 1000rpm, Zibo diesel engine
Accommodation: 12 single rooms with AC
Main deck thickness: 14+14=28mm
Ramp door dimension: 12.8m(L) * 5m(W)
Sidewall height: 1.80 m
Free deck space: 68m(L) * 16m(W)
Anchor: 1920kg * 4pcs, hall anchor
Anchor windlass: New
Anchor chain: φ38mm, 220m * 2, AM2 grade, M20Mn
Gross tonnage: 2589
Has CO2 release station

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